Pelosi calls Biden concerns ‘legitimate question’ in debate aftermath

“I think it’s a legitimate question to say, is this an episode or is this a condition?” she said on MSNBC. “When people ask that question, it’s completely legitimate — of both candidates.”

The former speaker, who enjoys great respect among the Democratic rank-and-file, said she’d not spoken with Biden since the debate but has been in touch with those close to him, so “it’s not a question of not having an opportunity to make our concerns known or have some questions answered.”

Pelosi said she’s hearing “mixed” opinions about whether Biden is up for the grueling fall campaign ahead.

“Some are like, ‘Well, how can we subject the [nomination] process to what might be possible? Others are, ‘Joe is our guy. We love him. We trust him. He has vision, knowledge, judgment, integrity,'” she said. “I trust his judgment.”

Pelosi said it would be “essential” for Biden to do “not one, maybe two” unscripted interviews with journalists to demonstrate his capabilities without a teleprompter. “That would be a great thing for him,” she said.

Irie Sentner contributed to this report.